GPS tracker

GPS tracker

GPRS- General Packet Radio Service is a wireless service that found with Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and the tracking device use this network to communicate data with the help of internet. Is there any difference between GPRS or GPS vehicle tracking? Actually GPRS can work fine with GPS and while working the location is captured through GPS device and the information is communicate through GPRS. GPS gives you the most accurate information of pinpoint and GPRS makes the system flexible, secure and robust.

There may be a question why would I choose a tracking system?

To track the location of your car or vehicle you need a device. And for this you need GPRS vehicle tracking device which will show you the right direction of your moving vehicle. Today this device is enabled in every vehicle and via GPRS you can navigate any route. They use GPS technologies to track the accurate location of vehicle. You can install the navigation app and it will show your destination by navigating you. Vehicles like car, bikes and auto are using GPRS system.

We are GPS vehicle tracking system distributor in Jaipur and our experts will guide you how to use this device and how to install the device or software in your phone. This is very helpful system to track your vehicle if it is lost.

The installed app or software will collect the data for future record. The app can navigate or directs you the path by showing you the entire map. Basically there are two types of tracking that is “Passive” and “Active”. Passive device stores the information of location, speed, door open or closed etc. At the end you can download this data to your computer system for further evaluation or analysis purpose. Where Active device includes the same but with a little difference it transmits the data in real time via cellular.

You can visit our office anytime or you can call us. We will provide you the device and installation of system is free of cost. We are always clear to our customer though they can have faith on us. For tracking your vehicle you need not to buy some special device, smart phone is sufficient just install the app and enjoy with the service while sitting at your place. It will automatically give you the tracking report.

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