We are the firm that supplies CCTV Monitor and because of our best service we come under the top Distributors in Jaipur. Our monitors are assembled by engineers and they manufactured them with CCTV PCB for security surveillance. You can have a variety of monitors with CCTV at one shop, you can see the output in terms of VGA videos or pictures and that is less expensive. Monitors are available in different screen sizes like 19 inch LCD Surveillance Monitor, 17 inch LCD Monitor, CCTV LCD Monitor, 19 inch BNC Input, LCD Surveillance Monitor, 22 inch LCD Surveillance Monitor etc.

Today camers are essential to capture the live event or to keep track of your staff in your absence. Through camera you can watch each and evry activity of the person. There are many places where the hidden surveillance are installed and they observe our moments. Though they have advantage in terms if business or in airports you can keep eye on each activity while sitting in your office if anything wrong is happened in your absence you have a chance to go back and rewind. Security cameras are useful to detect the criminal’s activity and through this people feels safer because they know there is record of each and every occurrence. These are very helpful and compulsory at the places which are risky for people. CCTV is proven the most effective way to prevent crime and to monitor the constant events.

There are many reasons to choose the CCTV along with LCD Monitor:

  • Turnaround time is excellent
  • VGA- video output
  • Detect the criminals
  • Monitor your children activities
  • Detect the vandals
  • Observe the Activity of your workers/staff behind you
  • To increase the productivity of business
  • Prevent home invasion
  • Useful for patrolling on roads
  • Monitor the company productions

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